Reflections on an Earth at Risk: What it is “We” Fight For

(Reflections on the Earth at Risk 2014 Justice and Sustainability Conference in San Francisco)

To reindigenize the world through spiritual escalation we must be witnesses and warriors at the demise of the planet—at Alberta, Shasta, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest…when half the worlds animals will be annihilated in 40 years we must put ourselves on the line to organize outside the box, against a collective psychosis.

Our agriculture and food systems perpetuate and reproduce a hidden hunger, of empty calories, poverty, and poisoned water. We are witnessing traditional cultures at odds with the rule of law. We need native warrior societies to enforce natural justice, one that begins and ends in strategy: a shared world view, a vision, goals, missions, and a plan: tactics that protect and defend the original instructions to protect our homelands for seven generations; to connect and stand up for the land, for the natural order, universal law, and cosmic justice. The warrior art and warrior hood means hierarchies of resistance, where consensus rules and plans for profit and pipelines are dissolved in the traditional ecological knowledge that confronts the colonial legacy.

We are unwilling to live in the legal regulatory environment in which property and commerce are privileged above people. The system illuminates itself in “legal use”, when communities connot ban threats to their health, justice, and the experiential knowledge of freedom. “We don’t care!”—about your common law based in colonial privilege. We no longer wish to pressure or influence. We wish to force structural change, to build community rights networks and rights of nature networks. we-are-the-earth-by-jeffrey-jon-whitebear-domagalski

Like the abolitionists and suffragettes, we are building a movement that treats ecocide like murder and rape; injustices inflicted upon rights-bearing entities, not property. We are making our own rules, writing our own script, changing the structure ourselves, governing ourselves. The system of government is the problem. Our one, united struggle, is against the sociopathic individualism; sociopathic competition; sociopathic violence; sociopathic warfare; sociopathic class violence; sociopathic goods; and sociopathic political economy. These sociopathic systems reward sociopathic behavior, incentivizing sociopathy and omnicommodification.

The relation between markets and militarism is clear: capitalism is inherently destructive, seeking growth—accumulating and concentrating capital with no internal restrains. We must reorganize power for an alternative political process, where the means of production are reprogrammed to manifest a world without socio-ecological injustices. The root of capital is something deeper though, and we must rethink our very relations. Our emotions are manipulated daily, through propaganda that tells us we committing sedition, or espionage, when we challenge, oppose, or make transparent those commercial systems designed for technical murder.

This is the psychosis of permanent war, where movements are never able to achieve the positions of power that make the powerful afraid. Whether issues of race, gender, militaris, ecological crisis, the relations of the powerful are such that they impose their will, transgressing boundaries, for the sake of domination, control, objectification, destruction. Our land, our love, our aspirations, our futures are criminalized and targeted for genocide in this militarized culture.

9c262f_5097707To arms comrades! For the wildness in and around us! We fight for something beautiful that must never be lost. We battle for the soul of the world itself. There is no way to separate an interconnected web of oppressive relations, built upon the violent foundations that betray each of us daily. Yet we refuse to concede the power to determine how to respond.

With words as weapons and treasonous minds, we seek to exploit the weaknesses of what the state would have us believe is its omnipotence, the fatal overreach of its supposed legitimation. In civil disobedience, in disruptive direct action, in sabotage and black bloc targeting, in rioting, in armed struggle, the militant knows her vocation is a civil virtue, an image of the future, the only healthy part of a planet with metastases and dying from the toxic nature of a diseased worldview.

In our hands is placed a power, to multiply opportunities and create networks of novel institutions, unions, collaborative learning spaces, and groups that gather together in the name of bringing into the world a place to share as members of one family.

This place that has already begun to exist…


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