Bay Area Resistance Collective

Movements that attack the roots of systemic crises can only grow from a culture of resistance. Our best hope lies not in individual survivalism, but a resistance movement willing to stand and fight at the necessary scale. Resistance is immersed in its surrounding ecologies so that all operations will need  to unequivocally support the health and vitality of the ecosystems they are situated in. As long as the earth is controlled exclusively for profit and private wealth, communities of life will be forever displaced and destroyed.

Resistance must encompass our entire life. Our strength comes from our own political and strategic ideas, our own structures of communication, and our own ways of life. If the law threatens our life, then we have every right to break the law. There are many strategies that focus on transformation and systemic change–this collective targets civilization as the single most destructive factor in the ecological crisis and aims to mobilize a network of resistance for spontaneous rebellion and asymmetric actions to disrupt systems and dismantle infrastructure. This is far more than a single-issue affair. It is a focal point for challenging the dominant social conditions while attracting a wide variety of oppositional forces, not confined to any particular space.
It is not enough to have the “right” analysis of society and to disclose the laws it abides to. Instead, we need self-determined social structures. For now, these structures might only be possible as structures of resistance, but they can lead to actual change once people realize that they can take matters into their own hands and threaten the dominant economic and political structures. It is mandatory to develop trust in one’s own abilities. Social change is not created by replacing some individuals in power with others, even if they profess some enlightened ideal. Social change comes from people being actively involved in the political decisions that affect them.  The crucial principles are autonomy, solidarity and mutual aid, and direct action. It is therefore necessary to build independent structures of communication and coordination. A revolutionary movement is not just a result of “objective conditions”; it is the result of the structures we are able to build. 
BARC holds membership in the Association of Revolutionary Movements against Ecological Devastation (A.R.M.E.D.), Federation for Industrial Resistance and Ecotage (F.I.R.E.) and works in solidarity with the Planetary Eco-Resistance Front for the Eradication of Civilization and Tyranny (P.E.R.F.E.C.T.).



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