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If you have submissions, questions, comments, or would like to get involved or offer your skills, email Our forum is currently for members only, so please answer the following questions and we will get you set up.


What does resistance mean to you?

How can you help?

Alternatively, you can develop mock plans for “ecoterrorist” attacks including a description of the attack’s aims and the chronology of events (e.g. pre-operational, attack, post-attack follow up). Write a communiqué justifying/explaining the attack, paying special attention to positionality  and language of the NSA.


We are always open to donations to assist with projects. It may seem ironic that capital is required to dismantle a capitalist system. It’s not lost on us either.


One thought on “Contact

  1. hey, my name is Casey and i’m presently in the bay area for a week or so and would REALLY like to meet anyone and everyone involved in these subjects…. i’m looking for ‘us’. our community. it doesn’t matter if you’re just someone who’s read a bit about it or are on the opposite end at the frontlines. i’m above ground but whatever your level of privacy is i will honor it.
    my eeemail is caseyforever at yahoo dot com. please prove to me that this movement isn’t a ghost town. contact me. i’m upbeat and relaxed and won’t stress you out hahaha.
    keep yer head up and keep up the good work! 🙂

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