As part of our outreach, we offer interactive, holistic, and multi-issue educational opportunities.* Teach-ins and core workshops cover a range of topics, including: books2_0

Critical Utopianism, Green Anarchy, Eco-decentralism,  the Bioregional Ideal, EcoMagic, Nature Religions, Environmental Activism, Feminism/Trans Issues, Moral Violence and how its Justified, Unsustainable Civ, Overshoot, Collapse, Drawdown, Die-off, White Privilege Versus Sex and Race, Class Relations, Taking and Holding Space, Squatting, Occupying, the Rights of the Human Being, Growing Food Forests and Polycultures, and Generating a World that Doesn’t Suck.

*If you would like to offer a class, contact us with a course description and listing of availability.

Below is some helpful terminology to help become acquainted to the themes these courses are based in.

5th Generational Warfare, Biocentrism, Bioregion, Capital, Carrying Capacity, Carlson Curves, Climate Refugees, Climate System Tipping Point, Cognitively Modified Systems, COIN- Counter Insurgency, Continuous Partial Attention, Domestication, Earth System Science, Ecology, Ecotage/Ecodefense, Electricity, EMP, Extended Identity, Industry, Life, Monkeywrench, Nation-State, OSINT, Open-Source Warfare, Oppression, Perennial Polyculture, Post-Hegemonic Politics, Primitivism (Anarcho-), Privilege, Reinhabitation, Scapegoat, Shadow, Subsistence, System, Thermal Inertia, Thermodynamics, Uncanny Valley, Wild, Xeriscape



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